Sexy Geeks!

Remember when you had to choose between sexy and geeky? Like, five minutes ago? Well, it was high time that shopworn belief was thrown under the Prius! This collection of photos features guys who are self-described geeks and devoted to their professions. Originally, our concept was to feature only guys in the tech industry, but we also met men geeking out in science, energy, and even the film and fashion industries. It’s all about Geek Pride, people; we are inclusive here at tommy+alan. Click a thumbnail at the right to see more photos, and then you’ll understand the meaning of Sexy Geeks!

And to be part of our project, please email us one or two clear and recent photos that contain your face and your shirtless torso. Please pass this link on to anyone who might be interested!
  Howard Howard Hào Leon Min Soo Justin Brandon David Z. Erik Howard