tommy+alan photography is helmed by photographer Tommy Wu and multimedia designer Alan Reade. Based in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, the goal of tommy+alan photography is to push the boundaries of editorial and commercial photography as far as possible while retaining the best of its more commercial aims.

Tommy WuTommy Wu moved from a tech job in Silicon Valley to full-time photographer in the earlier part of the century and has not looked back since. He looks for something unexpected and revealing in the photos he captures, whether it is a fashion shoot, advertising campaign, or just something fun. Tommy especially likes to portray people’s eyes and moody landscapes, and he prefers to tell a story through visuals alone.
Alan ReadeAlan Reade crafted underground performance pieces in Seattle, New York City, and San Francisco through the 1990s and founded a multimedia training and production company in 2006. Alan has been collaborating on photography projects with Tommy since 2009, and his focus is to look for combinations of opposing elements that give as theatrical a touch to tommy+alan photography photographs as the medium will allow.